Anti-aging medical prevention

Prevent aging and optimize its youth capital through medical prevention


The passage of time, sun exposure as well as external aggressions (tobacco, pollution ...) promote the aging of our skin. Aesthetic Clinic offers to take care of your face for a year.

Together we plan 6 dates out of 6 months. This anti-aging treatment consists of 3 sessions of photo-rejuvenation of the face by IPL, alternating with 3 sessions of Endymed mesotherapy. The combination of these processes provides your skin with the three essential elements for skin health: hydration of the superficial dermis, anti-oxidant action and collagen stimulation.

Following the 6 treatment sessions, your skin will be radiant and rejuvenated, it will have better tone and a smoother texture; it will have regained all its brilliance. All of the aging processes will be slowed down.

1,800.00 € 3,000.00 €
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