For several years, many non-invasive techniques have been developed to give a boost, reduce wrinkles and facial irregularities, without social exclusion and with few side effects. A new technique, microneedling, aims to improve skin density, give a radiance boost, reduce skin irregularities, delay aging of the skin such as sagging skin and reduce pore dilation.


It consists of making micro perforations at different depths using micro-needles in all the layers of the dermis to stimulate the skin plant which is the fibroblasts and among other things increase the synthesis of new collagen and hyaluronic acid. We have at our disposal a panel of micro-needles of different diameters which will therefore induce perforations of different depths and sizes.


Microneedling is used on all skin types, all phototypes to prevent skin aging or to correct imperfections.

It allows you to work on: 

- Skin density

- Smoothing of the skin
- The radiance of the face 
- Sagging skin 
- Wrinkles 
- Pore dilation


Micro-perforations are done using an electric pen with a disposable tip, we can choose several depths of action at each session in order to stimulate each layer of the epidermis and dermis and depending on the area to treat (face and body). The diameter of the multi-needles will also be chosen according to the type of skin and the area.

Make-up if necessary and disinfect the area to be treated. The micro-perforations will produce a major trauma like small wounds in the different layers of the dermis (but not very important in the epidermis). The healthy unaffected areas, surrounding the micro-holes, will induce a healing process and will thus allow the production of collagen and elastin, necessary for skin renewal. You may get brief bleeding during the session but the treatment is not painful. The area is properly disinfected at the end of the treatment. This first method lasts about twenty minutes. Atacha Emil takes the time and explains everything he does during the session.

This technique promotes the penetration of the active ingredients applied to the skin at the end of the session (such as anti-acne, moisturizers, anti-aging products ...)


The total session lasts 30 and we recommend a minimum of 3 or 4 sessions spaced 15 days apart. After the treatment Atacha Emil applies a healing cream to the treated area. Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 15 days.


This treatment should be avoided in case of pregnancy, acne, taking anticoagulants and herpes.


There are few side effects. There is a slight erythema and / or edema for 24 to 72 hours (no social exclusion). This technique is mainly used in people with a real loss of density and skin elasticity and it can be done on all phototypes. For potential results, we can combine this treatment with a peel and radiofrequency. Atacha Emil remains at your entire disposal for a personalized consultation. Atacha Emil as a skin expert will advise you on this treatment or refer you to another medical procedure.