Is there a miracle diet?

All diets make you lose weight and even quickly and a lot, but most often at the cost of a nutritional imbalance: fiber deficit, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, excess salt or protein, all bad for the body (muscles, arteries , liver, kidneys, bones) and for morale. In addition, these diets are not bearable for long, they make you hungry, you crack, you gain weight ... and you start a new diet that will end in the same way. And so on: this is the Yo-yo effect. Whatever the name of the regime or the promoter of the method, it is always the same scenario: unreasonable restrictions and dangerous imbalances leading in particular to behavioral disorders, frustration, depression, low self-esteem ... which pushes to resume its bad habits, but also reduce lean body mass (muscles) and basal metabolism. In the end, the body burns fewer calories and the regaining of weight and fat becomes inevitable and even exceeds what we have lost ...

"The ideal diet does not exist". To lose weight sustainably, you have to adopt new habits that are sustainable over the long term: do nothing to avoid causing frustration, irrepressible desires and increase the share of truly nutritious foods, eat varied, balanced and doing physical exercise.

Our center brings together therapists who have to take care of people in difficulty with their weight and their eating behavior. We do not treat statistics and our goal is not to break records with lost pounds but rather to appease the patient in the face of food. We are dealing with real people, who are struggling with their weight or their eating behavior. These particular difficulties are part of a more general framework: the individual who comes to seek help from us has a history and his difficulties have a meaning that should be taken into consideration, otherwise the relationship that s The relationship between therapist and patient takes a violent and insane turn.

Conduct of consultations

The first consultation usually lasts 1 hour. She allows to: take stock of eating habits and behaviors, take stock of the socio-professional environment, accurately measure your figure, start nutritional rehabilitation. If necessary, you will be prescribed a blood test. The following consultations last 30 to 40 minutes.

Contact one of the therapists

Mme Atacha Emil
Par mail ou par téléphone: 0471 27 57 48. info@faceclinicbelgium.be