Vitamin C


Recommandé pour les peaux ternes ou cartonnées, mais aussi comme complément aux traitements de dépigmentation.

Traitement par voie intradermique à effet coup d'éclat

Treatment intended for the treatment of the face and the body. Adaptable, safe and effective, it allows personalized skin aging and the most specific imperfections of the silhouette to be corrected. It improves the appearance of the skin immediately, gradually and durably.

Ingrédient fonctionnel

Hyaluronic acid An essential component of the skin, hyaluronic acid is the functional ingredient common to the entire range. It is of biotechnological origin, not animal and is not crosslinked. It is capable of retaining hundreds of times its weight in water and compensates for the natural loss of the skin in hyaluronic acid. In addition, it plays a role in supporting collagen and elastin fibers, redensifying the finest areas and providing support to cells.

Vitamin C, face and neck 1h 120 euros .- / session Vitamin C face and neck, treatment of 6 sessions 1h 600 euros.

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