DMK enzyme therapy


During your first visit, our DMK specialist will check the condition of your skin and identify the most important problem areas. DMK specialists are qualified to thoroughly assess your skin from a functional and structural point of view and can thus establish a treatment plan. This treatment plan includes treatments, on the one hand, and advice for products for home use, on the other.

The first four or five treatments have a preparatory function. The at-home products will also be different in the initial phase than after these four treatments as the DMK specialist will closely monitor your skin condition and adapt the program accordingly. It is very important that the skin is properly prepared in order to avoid violent reactions afterwards with other skin protocols (such as peeling or lifting).

To get the best results, consistency and dedication are very important! During the preparation phase, you should schedule an appointment each week for your treatment, and it is essential to follow your schedule with the products at home.

This is the only way to work together to achieve the desired results. After treatment or / and week after week, we see the condition of the skin gradually improving. But patience is a virtue: depending on the condition of the skin, a beautiful result is visible after six to twelve weeks.

DMK focuses on long-term skin improvement, not the "quick fix". Improving skin health is a process. The unique concept of DMK allows the skin to be reconstructed from the inside: internal functions and structures are optimally regulated and improved. DMK is the only skin improvement brand that uses transfer enzymes in DMK enzyme therapy, which is used as the basis of all DMK treatments to oxygenate, strengthen, nourish and firm the skin.

DMK skin protocols and home prescriptions (home products) are, in addition to DMK enzyme therapy, a prerequisite for long-term results.

Enzyme therapy is the basic treatment for DMK and is applied to almost all skin problems:

acne, aging (premature), atopic dermatitis, rosacea, mycosis of the skin, scars, spider webs, cellulite, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, cracked skin, the sun burns, burns, pre and postoperative, inflamed and irritated skin reactive skin, pale skin , problems of the eye area (circles, puffiness, redness ...), dark spots,