The oval of the face can have several different shapes depending on the morphology and sex of each person. He can be square, wide and tall, with developed muscles, short or long. Even if the oval cannot necessarily be perfect, in women the ideal is for the chin to be V-shaped or round, in men square.

How is the area aging?

The aging of the oval of the face is due to the formation of jowls. The appearance of jowls leads to the gradual disappearance of the oval of the face. Jowls are due to fat loss and bone modification as the angle of the jaw increases with age, which results in loss of definition of the lower edge of this bone.

Correct the area

To correct the oval of the face you have to work with "HIFU"

Face Clinic Belgium review

The request for treatment of the oval of the face is common because it is the area that most indicates skin aging, due to a strong sagging. You shouldn't wait too long to start correcting the jowls so as not to have too much sagging skin.

The indicative prices are To reduce a double chin between 500 € and 700 € / session depending on the surface to be treated. To tension an oval of the face between 700 € and 900 € / session depending on the surface to be treated. Oval face + neck 1.200 €