Plusieurs facteurs sont responsables d'un teint terne. En agissant sur chacun d'entre eux vous pouvez illuminer votre teint sans recourir à des soins en institut ou à des techniques de médecine esthétique.

Les facteurs responsables d'un teint terne sont :

  • A poor lifestyle: lack of sleep and sports activity, a diet too rich in calories, bad fats and fast sugars. It favors fruits, vegetables, fibers, proteins, slow carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, rice ...) and good fats: omega 3 and omega 6 present in plants (olive oil, legumes ...) and fatty fish (salmon, sardines, etc.).
  • A lack of hydration: it is advisable to drink two liters of water per day and hydrate the skin by the daily application (ideally twice daily) of a moisturizer.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, lack of sleep and sun exposure.
  • Age: over time the superficial dead cells slow down their renewal, the skin is suffocated. The level of collagen fibers and elastin is reduced, the skin is thinner and hydrated.
  • Stress: Stress is responsible for the production of free radicals and impaired circulation.
  • Poor microcirculation: result of stress, poor lifestyle, sun and tobacco.
  • Inadequate skin care: these are responsible for clogging the pores and the accumulation of dead cells. Toxins develop, the skin becomes dehydrated and dead cells accumulate. The complexion then becomes gray and inhomogeneous.
  • Harmful lifestyle habits: certain habits, such as not putting on makeup, are harmful to the complexion.
  • Pollution.

In today's society, there is often no compromise on the radiance and beauty of the skin. Smooth, soft, luminous skin, without imperfections and a radiant complexion have now become beauty canons for the skin.

I have a dull complexion ..., I have ugly skin ..., I want perfect skin ..., I dream of having beautiful skin and no longer wearing makeup. I often hear these statements in consultations.

Many aesthetic treatments and techniques give you a Madonna complexion. 

Peach skin and a healthy glow can be achieved in half an hour.


The radiance boost is a boost of good looks and freshness to the skin. Over time, the skin suffocates, the complexion becomes dull and gray. The toxins accumulate, the cells do not renew themselves, the level of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis is reduced, the skin becomes thinner and becomes less hydrated. The skin no longer reflects light evenly, so it is less luminous and the complexion is uneven. A luminous, plump, hydrated and homogeneous skin is a young skin. Dull skin is interpreted as tired, unhealthy, aged skin.

Having a radiance boost is a frequent request in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Women now wish to no longer wear make-up, to have smooth skin without imperfections naturally. Men want to release vitality and dynamism. For people exposed to the general public (TV, music, etc.), the skin is an indisputable beauty and health asset.

3. RADIANCE TREATMENTS What is a radiance mask? 

A radiance boost mask is a mask that stimulates the sponge capacities of the skin. It does not modify hydration, volumes, wrinkles or features. It contains water and active humectants which retain water on the surface of the epidermis. The water is therefore absorbed by the epidermis which plumps up and gives a rested complexion. The result only lasts a few days.


A dull complexion can be a challenge for some people. Sometimes even makeup does not manage to camouflage the complexion and the 'nude' trend (without makeup) is still relevant and desired by women. For men it is difficult to change a complexion and a dull complexion makes it look tired and unhealthy. For a boost of radiance and luminous skin, several aesthetic medicine techniques have been developed. Cosmetic or dermatological treatments are recommended in addition: creams based on fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, etc.

The treatment is based on three pillars: Skin cleansing and pore unblocking performed during a Hydrafacial session. Exfoliation by peeling or hydrafacial. The superficial hydration obtained with mesotherapy.

a. Infusion of hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic 

Acid Infusion is ideal for all skin types, including mature or dry skin, smoker's skin, light, matte or dark tones, oily or combination skin. It is advisable to do one to two treatments per week for the first month, then repeat at least once a month for the maintenance of the dermis. The end result is detoxified, more radiant, rejuvenated, hydrated, more toned skin.

b. Peeling to revive the complexion 

The superficial peel performs a gentle exfoliation that removes dead cells and surface impurities. It is important to do this after preparing the skin by applying creams for three weeks.

c. Mesotherapy to restore radiance to the face 

These are injections of a cocktail of vitamins and minerals into the surface layers of the skin. The epidermis and superficial dermis drink up these nutrients and are plumped and hydrated.


Bb Glow 3 sessions 450 € 

Hyaluronic acid infusion From € 150 per session 
Mesotherapy 200 € per session 
Superficial peeling 200 € PRP 250 euros