New and radiant skin.

What is a peel?

The peel consists of the application of a chemical solution allowing to rid the skin of dead cells and stimulating cell renewal in order to make "new skin".

There are 3 categories of peeling:

Superficial (glycolic acid, salicylic acid), medium (TCA acid <50%) or deep (TCA acid> 50%, phenol). Superficial peels do not cause social discomfort. In the hours following the peel, a simple pinkness is visible. 

It will be necessary to repeat the peeling sessions at least 4 times for a complete dermal action. Medium peels provide faster results with controlled peeling for 3 to 7 days. 

They are most effective on acne scars and age spots. The deep peels are spectacular but the consequences are longer and more disabling and are only performed by doctors trained in the technique.

What happens during the first consultation?

The practitioner checks that your skin corresponds to the skin types indicated for this treatment and will make sure that no treatment in progress contraindicates the treatment. The doctor will tell you which preparative creams you should apply during the 3 weeks preceding the first peel.

The result

Immediately after the treatment, the skin turns more or less slightly pink. In the event of exposure to the sun, a full screen should be used for 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of the 4 treatments, there is a real "radiance of the complexion", a disappearance of acne scar spots, a tightening of the pores and a reduction of small fine lines.

Does it hurt?

The pain depends on the type of peel. Almost painless when superficial, it can cause pain comparable to a burn when deeper.

Does this technique match my profile?

Superficial peels mainly concern women or men under 40 who want to keep skin young and fresh. 

They are particularly intended for the dull skin of smokers with large pores who are starting to show fine lines. Medium peels are more suitable for people with acne spots or scars. 

Deep peels are indicated for people over 40 with more marked wrinkles. In particular, around the eyes and around the lips.

Traitement & Price

1. PROF C210 + Melanostop Mesopeel + Microneedling . Prix: 1 séances 200 euros visage / 6 séances 1000 euros visage / 1450 euros corps

2. Doctor Babor Peeling 1 séances 200 euros visage / 6 séances 1000 euros visage / 1450 euros corps
2. Dermamelan Eclaircissement 1 seul séances 750 euros
3. Cosmelan Pigmentation 1 seul séances 750 euros