Is a three-in-one aesthetic treatment that nourishes, hydrates and oxygenates the epidermis from the inside in three stages: exfoliation, infusion of essential nutrients and projection of CO2 bubbles. You will find a younger looking skin from the first session.

Who is this cutting edge treatment for?

Very versatile, oxygen treatment is suitable for all skin types. Here are some of its benefits depending on the serum used: Fight against the signs of aging for firmer skin and less visible wrinkles; Balances sebum production, tightens pores and deeply cleanses the skin; Reduces redness and reduces inflammation; Hydrates the epidermis and helps it to retain water better; Gives radiance and freshness to the complexion. In short, there is no age to resort to oxygen treatment and everyone, both men and women, can benefit from it. In addition, the results are instantly visible!

Oxygen treatment is an innovative, non-invasive and completely safe facial treatment technique. It is not for nothing that the stars use it before each of their appearances in public! A jet of pure oxygen, to which is added a serum loaded with active ingredients, is propelled on the skin. The serum, based on hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E or aloe vera, penetrates the skin deeply in order to stimulate its various functions. The cells, thus nourished and oxygenated, can therefore regenerate better. The blood microcirculation is activated. The skin becomes radiant with beauty, in addition to being perfectly equipped to defend itself against premature aging. All without a needle or scalpel!

Price: 120 euros 1 hour sessions / 600 euros cure of 6 sessions