Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are the molecules that give the skin its elasticity and its apparent youthfulness. However, with age or due to aggression by free radicals (excess sun, smoke, chemicals, pollution, etc.), they decrease in both quality and quantity leading to the development of wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. These molecules are produced by fibroblasts which are located in the deepest layers of the skin, under the epidermis (which is located between 0.5 and 1.5mm). Strong stimulation of the fibroblasts is essential to any serious antiaging therapy and that is why doctors use needles. Due to its protective function, the epidermis does not allow a few molecules to pass. For example, only a very small amount of vitamins (less than 1%) penetrates with creams or masks and large molecules do not penetrate at all. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is a large molecule, 4000 times larger than a vitamin and much larger than the pores of the skin. It is therefore impossible to infuse it, unless you use a more sophisticated method.


Injections are very effective, but they have all these disadvantages in common: they hurt, they must be performed under strict medical conditions with specific injectables that can have side effects such as inflammation and bruising. This is why, in recent years, we have observed the emergence of a new class of devices all with the same goal: that of momentarily weakening the natural barrier of the skin in order to allow it to penetrate, more in depth. and in greater quantity, the desired molecules.


Electroporation, derived from molecular biology, is a way of introducing substances into cells. This consists of using high intensity electrical pulses of very short duration (less than a millisecond) in order to increase the permeability of the membrane by opening instantaneous micro-channels in the skin. This dramatically increases the skin penetration of active substances such as skin nutrients, vitamins and growth factors and ultimately gives visible results, helping to reduce the signs of aging. Its action is twofold: Hyaluronic acid or neuropeptides similar to Botox have an immediate visible effect. The active ingredients administered to fibroblasts continue, over a long period of time, to cause positive and corrective changes.

A recent anti-aging medical method, called needle-free mesotherapy, has become extremely popular in recent years: it is the infusion of large doses of vitamins (A, B3 or C) or hyaluronic acid and factors of growth, deep in the skin This technique, called mesotherapy ("meso" meaning medium in Greek), was first used by innovative anti-aging doctors, who began to inject active ingredients to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin . High doses of active molecules sent to the deepest layers of the dermis (places that beauty creams cannot reach) encourage fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This leads, after just one or two sessions, to visibly renewed and glowing skin. Technique appreciated by Hollywood stars: the most famous doctors with clients agreeing to take a 3-hour package and pay more than 500 € for a single session of this skin-preserving cocktail.


Iontophoresis: a low voltage current that pushes molecules of opposite polarity, like a magnet into the skin. Iontophoresis only allows the administration of small ionic compounds (special molecules with an electric charge). Phonophoresis: the use of ultrasound to push molecules into the skin. This technique is considered more powerful than iontophoresis and does not require molecules or polarized cocktails. Ultrasound is like an invisible force that pushes molecules through the skin. Electroporation (electromesotherapy): considered by many professionals to be the most powerful transdermal delivery method and called needle-free mesotherapy. It is able to grow "macromolecules" in the skin, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, proteins. It allows a large part of the active molecules to be infused into the skin *. It is the only technology capable of offering an instant filling effect, comparable to injections with needles. The number of trans-dermal pathways available through electroporation is 500 times greater than with iontophoresis 1. This is why this technique is much more efficient, especially for large molecules2. For small molecules such as vitamins, the penetration between the two techniques is similar and will depend on the degree of polarization of each molecule3,4.

Comme de nos jours, de nombreuses combinaisons d'éléments actifs sont disponibles, son éventail de traitements correctifs potentiels est très important puisqu'il permet de traiter différents problèmes tels que le vieillissement, l'acné, la pigmentation, la rosacée, une peau grasse, sèche, terne et sensible, le relâchement cutané, les cicatrices, les imperfections, etc.. Dans les médi-spas anti-âge les plus avancés, l'électroporation est devenue la dernière étape indispensable des autres techniques telles que le peeling, la microdermabrasion, les gommages et les massages faciaux.


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