Neck and Decollete

The neck and décolleté, like the face, are difficult to conceal in social life and do not escape the signs of aging. The contrast between the rejuvenated appearance of the face and the aged appearance of the neck and décolleté is often striking.

Correct the area 

Mesolift without injection: Using an infusion of hyaluronic acid, I inject directly into the wrinkles using Microneedling in order to fade them. I also perform a neckline mesolift. The mesolift consists in injecting small droplets of hyaluronic acid on the whole of the neckline to obtain a rejuvenation of the skin without injection.

How is the area aging? 

Horizontal wrinkles will appear in the neck as well as sagging skin. Vertical wrinkles will appear in the neckline which will start between the two breasts and then rise and flare like a fan on the collarbones. These wrinkles are due to normal aging of the skin but can be aggravated by exposure to the sun or by the position of sleep (on the side or on the belly). The neckline is also an area very exposed to the sun, over time, the skin becomes thin, wrinkled, brown spots appear as well as redness. This is called heliodermia of the bust.

Face Clinic Belgium Review 

To avoid a bad contrast with an already treated face, it is recommended to also treat the neck and décolleté, to make the skin firmer and more dynamic. I recommend performing a session every 6 months for these areas so as not to lose hydration and maintain the results obtained with the infusion of hyaluronic acid. Endymed neckline 1h 290 euros .- / session Endymed neckline, treatment of 6 sessions 1 hour 1,450 euros.