Mesotox solution

Prix : 200 euros 1 séances / 1000 euros 6 séances

Mesotox solution has a double action on expression lines by reducing already existing wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new wrinkles. Its exclusive combination of synergistic peptides inhibits the dermal microcontractions responsible for this type of wrinkle.

There are three essential proteins that make up the structure of the skin: new fibrin, elastin and collagen. When these proteins are damaged, expression lines, due to the natural contraction of the muscles of the face, appear. Several factors make this type of skin aging more visible, such as the passage of time, sun exposure, lifestyle and other environmental or extrinsic factors. The synergistic peptides of 213 mesotox solution act together to provide better efficacy than that obtained during the administration of a single peptide, even at double concentration.