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COSMELAN is the most effective and safest treatment specially developed against hyperpigmentation. The Cosmelan treatment is exclusively provided by Face Clinic Belgium, dermatologists, therapists and skin specialists trained by Mesoestetic.

Hyperpigmentation is a very common problem and has various causes. Some of these causes are: hormonal imbalance, skin aging, pregnancy, use of pills, menopause and sunbathing without sun protection (SPF).


The ingredients Cosmelan 1 (the mask) and Cosmelan 2 (the cream) act on the different stages of the pigment and work in synergy. The ingredients are of plant and chemical origin. Amalan forms the basis of the Cosmelan mask and has a direct effect on the subcutaneous process that forms the pigment (melanin). It inhibits tyrosinase (a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process). In addition, Cosmelan Mask contains the following ingredients: kojic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid, arbutin, titanium dioxin and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A type), all of which block the tyrosinase enzyme. The products are fragrance-free

Cosmelan Treatment

You will receive advice on how the treatment works, what to expect and how to use the products at home.

Preparation for the Cosmelan treatment

10 days before the treatment, I prepare your skin for the treatment with a peel. Or if you have already had peels, you do not have to


Is a certain type of skin cell (pigment cell) that produces and delivers melanocytes to keratinocytes. In the basal cell layer, there is about 1 melanocyte for every 10 keratinocytes. The color of our skin is mainly determined by the size and number of pigment granules in the basal cell layer of the epidermis. The type of pigment eumelanin (black or brown pigment) or pheomelanin (red or yellow pigment) also has an influence. People with dark skin do not have many more melanocytes than people with light skin, but the pigment granules are larger and more pigment granules are released. Pigment production increases after irradiation with ultraviolet light. Excessive accumulation of melanin on the skin surface leads to the formation of visible spots.

Each of the active ingredients of COSMELAN acts on different phases of the melanogenesis process. Before the activation of the melanocyte (tranexamic acid), during the synthesis of melanin (N-acetyl glucosamine + idebenone) and after the formation of melanin (vitamin C).


Small flat and dark, multiple and symmetrical, light brown macules. They appear on the T-zone, cheekbones, cheeks, neckline and upper arms. They are frequent in weak phototypes, with fair skin and blond or red hair. High sensitivity to sunlight.


HPI manifests itself as irregular, non-symmetrical, flat, dark-colored spots that appear at a specific location or are diffuse. They appear all over the body and face. It is a condition that has a major impact on dark skin phototypes. Following skin lesions (acne or dermatitis), aggressions (burns, surgery, trauma), aesthetic treatments (chemical peels, laser), upper lip hair removal, photosensitizing treatment.

Formula and results

Cosmelan is based on an exclusive combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy, which act at all phases of the hyperpigmentation process to completely eliminate existing hyperpigmentation problems and prevent their reappearance, as well as the appearance of new spots.


Acts at two levels: at the first level, by inhibiting the activation of tyrosinase inside the melanosome, which reduces oxidative stress and thus decreases melanin synthesis; at the second level, by restricting the role of tyrosinase, which contains copper (Cu2+) chelating actives. It acts by blocking the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes, thus preventing pigments from passing into the superficial layers of the skin.


It acts by decreasing the amount of melanin synthesized, which reduces the intensity of the stain. It also acts on the stratum corneum, stimulating the renewal of the epidermis and eliminating the accumulation of melanin intensively.


Rapid bleaching action: By acting on the advanced phase of melanogenesis.

For all types of skin spots of melanic origin: Particularly effective in reducing spots with epidermal localization.

Any time of the year: In summer too, in combination with sun protection to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment (moisturising sun protection or dermatological sun protection of mesoestetic®).

Good tolerance, all skin phototypes: All dermamelan® formulas have been carefully designed to guarantee maximum tolerance. Indicated for all phototypes and all cases.

Proven efficacy: Numerous tests conducted in vivo and in vitro.

Whitening and luminosity: Contains beautifying agents that even out skin tone, bringing more radiance.


Is a professional topical bleaching treatment that targets all types of brown spots and skin discolorations.It significantly reduces imperfections caused by increased melanin production.Gradually the pigment of the stain fades and disappears completely after a few months of treatment.1 single session in your center.But beware, you leave with a mask to keep imperatively from eight to twelve hours. (Dinner or party to abstain ...)Then you apply at home 1 cream 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening) for three months.The following two months, apply the same cream twice a day (morning and evening).


The most effective treatment for pigmentation spots Only available at Face Clinic Belgium!
COSMELAN PRICE 799,00 € FACE / BODY 1500,00 €.
Duration: 30 minutes + counseling plan
The Cosmelan treatment can be applied 1x per 6 months, so 2x per year.

Science and results

Scientific aspects of skin spots

Affection and appearance factors

Pigment alterations are a growing problem worldwide. They affect more than 90% of people over the age of 50 and are a major concern, regardless of skin color, both for their aesthetic impact and for their negative effect on psycho-emotional state and quality of life. Many factors, both external and internal, are determining factors in the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Genetic predisposition

Solar radiation
Inflammatory processes
Hormonal changes
Exposure to chemicals
Photosensitizing treatment


It appears as oval or round, lens-shaped, uniform spots, measuring between 2 and 20 millimeters and located on the oval of the face, hands, shoulders, arms, back and décolleté. Senile lentigo appears in people over the age of 50, as a result of damage caused by the sun. The solar lentigo appears from the age of 30 onwards, generally on fair skin phototypes.


Melasma manifests itself in irregular and varied shapes, with undefined contours. Often symmetrical, they resemble shadows. They appear in the center of the face, on the cheek and jaw. 90% of those affected are women, mainly pregnant women, who are taking contraceptives or are on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Description of the treatment

1. Problem

Pigment alterations are a growing problem worldwide. They affect more than 90% of people over the age of 50 and are a major concern, regardless of skin color, both for their aesthetic impact and for their negative effect on psycho-emotional state and quality of life.

Skin hyperpigmentation problems are alterations in the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, resulting from an uncontrolled overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes and locally producing an irregular skin coloration, i.e. a spot.

2. Treatment

Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation method that provides an intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentation and at the same time regulates the overproduction of melanin in melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the reappearance of new spots.

Its effectiveness is based on its dual mechanism of action, which makes it possible to obtain, on the one hand, a corrective effect, by eliminating hyperpigmentation, and on the other hand, a regulatory effect, by controlling the overproduction of melanin and thus preventing the appearance of new spots in the long term.

More visible and lasting results