Intense Hydro-Nutritional Treatment

Action on natural hydration mechanisms Based on the latest scientific research, ERICSON LABORATOIRE has designed HYDRA CLINIC: a concentrate of innovation acting on the skin's natural hydration mechanisms.

The new HYDRA CLINIC range: • Is enriched with INTELLIGENT HYDRO-LIPIDS capable of adjusting the hydration level of the skin according to the external humidity level. Endowed with a double performance, they reproduce in a BIOMIMETIC way the role of SKIN PHOSPHOLIPIDS and thus recreate the natural hydro-lipid structure of the skin. • Promotes the various mechanisms involved in the diffusion of skin water through the use of AQUAPORIN TECHNOLOGY. • Facilitates the epidermal reconstruction of damaged skin by incorporating a SELF-ADAPTIVE PHYTO-COMPLEX. • Diffuses long-lasting hydration by reproducing the SKIN PATCH EFFECT.

Hydra Clinic, face and neck 1h 120 euros .- / session Hydra Clinic face and neck, treatment of 6 sessions 1h 600 euros.

The care in institute This treatment is rich in INTELLIGENT HYDRO-LIPIDS capable of capturing the water molecules available in the environment, storing them and then sharing them with the skin as soon as it dries. Duration of treatment = 1 h 15 min 120 € / session - Cure of 6 treatments 600 €.

Frequency of care = once a week Essential assets In order to restore and promote skin hydration, ERICSON LABORATOIRE has incorporated into the HYDRA CLINIC range, an active ingredient from biotechnology capable of providing the epidermis with an intense hydrating effect: AQUAPHYLINE. Rich in oligosaccharides, AQUAPHYLINE stimulates the synthesis of aquaporins and promotes the circulation of water in the epidermis.

SKIN REPAIR BIO helps stimulate skin repair processes on damaged skin. LIPIDURE restores the integrity of the epidermis thanks to its hygroscopic nature (ability to retain water). It thus reinforces the barrier function of the stratum corneum, and consequently reduces the insensible water loss.

Original: the formulation of certain skincare products contains MICROPATCHS PHYTOMARINS containing serine, with moisturizing and firming properties. This mesh of alginate and serine reproduces the effect of a patch on the skin, allowing a continuous release of the molecules for a hydrating effectiveness, long duration.