Face diagnosis

- The state of your wrinkles

Crow's feet, nasolabial fold, lion's wrinkle: we are trying to determine if your wrinkles are marked and especially, if they are part of your concerns.

- The condition of your pigment spots

Have you noticed the presence of brown spots on your face? 

A targeted beauty ritual can help you erase them and prevent their appearance. Once the skin diagnosis is complete, we immediately offer you a personalized skincare routine that is perfectly suited to your skin's needs. 

For an even deeper face diagnosis, do not hesitate to visit us and test our new original tool, a real treasure of technology in the service of beauty. This diagnosis will allow you to know the most effective beauty routine for your profile. Creams, masks, serums ...: discover without delay the best anti-aging treatments for your skin.

Discover the personalized routine perfectly adapted to your needs thanks to the Face Clinic Belgium skin diagnosis. This face diagnosis will allow you in a few questions to know the condition of your skin and understand its needs. Serums, skincare, masks ...: this diagnosis helps you to choose the skincare adapted to your skin type. Your answers to this online diagnosis allow us to analyze:

- Your current beauty routine

Masks, serums, eye contour ...: depending on the products you use every day, we offer the personalized care you need.

- The perception of your skin

Do you find your skin particularly sensitive at the moment? Does it show redness or other imperfections? By indicating your concerns, we understand your beauty priorities, which is essential to imagine a care ritual adapted to your profile.

- Your skin type

Combination skin, dry skin, oily skin? Does your skin change type depending on the season? Is it well hydrated, or on the contrary, does it dry easily?

- Your environment

Your ideal beauty routine depends on the environment in which you live. Your skin indeed requires care adapted to your style and rhythm of life.

Price : 50 euros