Eye area

The GLOBAL EYECON treatment

This is a practical and effective program that combines peeling and transepidermal solution, two exclusive treatments for the periocular area, which provide cumulative and visible results from the first session. A solution that has been created with products specifically developed for this area with excellent dermal and ocular tolerance to ensure optimal therapeutic effectiveness.

Global Eyecon is a treatment that requires 3 to 6 sessions combining peels and microneedling and using powerful active ingredients dedicated to the treatment of the eye contour area.

Effective for :

Correct wrinkles and expression lines

Eliminate puffiness and dark circles
Fight against the sagging of the upper eyelid.

The rates

Complete Treatment (3 sessions) 750,00€ / 

(6 sessions) 1300,00€

The eye contour is the finest and m'üost fragile area of the face. It requires specific care, capable of preventing and attenuating puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, crow's feet and sagging eyelids.

To find out how to combine these treatments according to your needs, discover our care protocol dedicated to the eye contour area.

The Hifu Ultherapy treatment

To open the eyes 500€/ session

Eyelids inf. € 200
Upper eyelids / crow's feet 450 €
Crow's feet 250 €