SCIENCE FOR RIGOR: If medicine has made it possible to lengthen life considerably, biology has succeeded in improving this quality of life by combining health and beauty. Science is knowledge and practice related to observations which obey laws and which are demonstrated experimentally. It makes it possible to bring civilizations out of obscurantism and dogmatism, to replace esoteric practices with scientifically validated technology and medicine. Recent scientific advances make it possible to increase the longevity of individuals as well as their performance while satisfying, by an appropriate use of effective techniques, their desire for youth. Thus, genetics allows a biochemical knowledge of the organism, biology offers a global and immediate vision of the latter, nutritional and functional medicine approaches the physiology of the body, anti-aging medicine optimizes organic functions, posturology fluidizes the mobility, and acupuncture releases circulating energies. Finally, aesthetic surgery and medicine, as well as dermato-cosmetics, are remarkably effective against ailments that affect the body and the image that the suffering person takes of himself.

Face Clinic Belgium is a pioneering center in terms of well-being, the objective of which is to provide a real solution in the fight against aging, to improve human performance. She takes the source of her inspiration in the two words that define her identity: health of the body, and "beauty-of-being". 

HEALTH CLINIC: Health has always been a promise of life, and beauty, in the words of Stendhal, a promise of happiness. All societies have tried to combine these two expectations to achieve a happy life. A life that is deprived of happiness would not be a life worth living. In the face of illness and old age, men have sought to save time and extend deadlines. Magical practices have been used to keep life and beauty as long as possible. They have now given way to medical and scientific practices which can offer men and women a satisfactory self-image.

STAYING YOUNG OR BEAUTY FOR BEAUTY - TO BE: Our existence is entirely subject to the game of appearances and being. An imperfect appearance, whether due to a physical defect, an illness, a deformation of the face or the silhouette, disturbs the feeling that the person has of his being from the image of his body. It is a question of the subjective body of human experience as each one of us feels it, and not of the organic body that science objective by its instrumentation. 

Our body is thus a succession of appearances, case as well as screen, since it protects this instance hidden from the eyes of others and of ourselves which is our being. And it is this being, that is to say what we are, which desires and produces these visible appearances while itself remains invisible. This beauty of appearances helps to build over time our beauty of being. The mission that Face Clinic Belgium fulfills thus makes it possible to respond to the desire for beauty, the desire for youth and the desire for well-being to which each person legitimately aspires. The treatment cures offered by Face Clinic Belgium allow access to this well-being which is the deep agreement of the individual with himself, and to reveal, even more, this beauty-of-being which makes known to each the true taste of happiness. Our exclusive protocols combine the action of technology, science and the benefits that nature offers us, for visible results and healthy skin.

We treat your skin with the utmost respect. You are unique, your care must be too.