Correct the area Depending on your needs, there are several ways to treat the chin. For bone loss, loss of collagen or subcutaneous fatty tissue, sagging, it will be necessary to restructure the shape of the chin. HIFU AND RADIO FREQUENCY 

Reviews of Face Clinic Belgium 

The chin is an area often neglected whereas once restructured, it brings a very beautiful harmony to the face whether for a woman or for a man. The chin for women should be projected and oval in shape. The chin for a man should be projected and of a square shape. In addition, treating the chin area helps reduce jowls that form in the para-chin area. Most often only one session is necessary, for each zone, the treatment is renewed every 8 to 12 months.

In facial aesthetics, the appearance of the profile plays an important role. The morphology of the chin has both emotional and psychosocial consequences. Its contour and shape determine the harmony of the face, the chin is both a central point of the face but also a point of reflection of light.

How is the area aging?

The aging of the chin is due to several criteria which are: Bone loss, loss of support or mandibular protrusion Muscular hyper-contractivity Loss of collagen and subcutaneous adipose tissue Orange dynamic skin All these criteria cause the chin to become leaky, projecting backwards.

The indicative prices are 

To reduce a double chin between 500 € and 700 € / session depending on the surface to be treated. To tension an oval of the face between 700 € and 900 € / session depending on the surface to be treated. Oval face + neck 1.200 €