Age element® traitement antiaging complet et personnalisable



Each skin is unique. 100% personalized treatment 

- Offers optimal results. 
- Increases adherence to treatment.
 - Allows you to build unique experiences during each session.

Age Element diagnosis system ™ 

Diagnostic technology, exclusively designed for aging. Analyzes the variables that intervene in the skin aging process and defines personalized treatment. Analyzes the skin's needs, lifestyle habits and the skin condition that the client wishes to improve in order to identify epigenetic variables that may affect their aging process.

3. Complete: 

covers the 5 essential phases of an anti-aging treatment 

Price: 150 euros 1h sessions / 750 euros cure of 6 sessions 

In this section you will be able to ask everything about this product and the treatment.

Personalized anti-aging science 

An innovative, customizable and comprehensive treatment for the most demanding skin care specialists. A latest generation professional anti-aging system inspired by the most advanced medico-aesthetic technology.

1. INNOVATIVE [meso] epigen system ™: 

The first anti-aging complex with proven epigenetic action. 

- Fights aging from the outset: acts by modulating epigenetic mechanisms for recovery of the regeneration and proliferation activity of the skin. 

- Corrects the visible effects of aging: allows you to obtain firmer, luminous and visibly younger skin.


Environmental conditions, experiences and lifestyle are the main activators of epigenetic mechanisms, as well as promoters and accelerators of the main visible signs of aging. The latest scientific advances make it possible to act on these epigenetic changes and to resynchronize the natural processes of protection and repair of the skin.


Covers the 5 essential phases of an anti-aging treatment 

Phase I. DIAGNOSIS Analyzes the variables involved in the skin aging process and defines a personalized protocol for each client. 

Phase II. PREPARATION Hygiene and make-up removal phase. 

Phase III. STIMULATION Renewal phase to reinforce the regeneration of the epidermis and optimize the penetration of the active ingredients then applied. 

Phase IV. ACTIVATION Contribution phase personalized according to the stage of aging and the visible signs of aging on the skin. Strengthens luminosity and firmness, reduces wrinkles and provides density. 

Phase V. POTENTIALIZATION Personalized potentiation phase to provide additional active ingredients to those used during the activation phase.