"Change your lifestyle and maintain it for a lifetime"

In the body, HIFU - RADIO FREQUENCY is used to treat sagging skin in the arms, thighs and stomach, but also to eliminate fat cells and cellulite. This is a complete treatment, since, to eliminate the fatty cells, we will both eliminate the fat and act on the skin to tone it. This technology therefore avoids the feeling of "empty balloon" she continues, which could give rise to empty and sagging skin after having eliminated the fat from the inside. Focused ultrasound works at all levels for complete care.

We offer you ultra personalized and specific cures.

Technological innovation that combines 3 treatments in 1 
1. Bipolar Radiolift 7 sessions 
2. HIFU 1 sessions zone of your choice 
3. Microdermolift 7 sessions Price: 1805 euros instead of 2400 euros. ZONE OF YOUR CHOICE. EASE OF PAYMENT* The + 1. 10-day slimming detox 2. Dermassentiel Anti Peau d'Orange "Cellulite" from our Medical laboratory - 30 days 3. Fit & Form or weight loss pack - 30 days