We offer you ultra personalized and specific cures. 

Technological innovation that combines 5 treatments in 1 

1. Diagnosis 
2. Microdermolift 7 sessions 
3. Laser Shipment 7 sessions 
4. RadioLift Bipolar 7 sessions 
at the price of 1.550 euros instead of 2100 euros. 

The + 
1. 10-day slimming detox 
2. Dermassentiel Anti Peau d'Orange "Cellulite" from our Medical laboratory - 30 days 
3. Slimming or weight loss pack - 30 days
 4. Nutritional advice and follow-up offered


• Perte de 3 à 5 kilos
. Perte de cms
• Réduction aspect cellulitique
• Réduction des amas graisseux
• Raffermissement ciblé
• Drainage

We do not treat statistics and our goal is not to break records with lost pounds but rather to appease you with food and help you have a healthy lifestyle.

We are dealing with real people, struggling with their weight or their eating behavior.

These particular difficulties are part of a more general framework: the individual who comes to seek help from us has a history and his difficulties have a meaning that should be taken into consideration, failing which the relationship that s The relationship between therapist and patient takes a violent and insane turn.

The effectiveness of the treatment and the results obtained may vary depending on the person and their profile and are not guaranteed. We advise you to follow our advice, finally to help you achieve your goal.

"Change your lifestyle and maintain it for a lifetime"